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SUVs are out of fashion, and here's reasons why people will miss them

Thankfully, gas prices keep climbing higher and higher. Sure, it sucks as a consumer, but it forces people to think about how essential it is to drive. Once you have a car, you slowly become accustomed to the convenience, myself included, and you loathe places with hard-to-find parking.

SUV owners have it the worst. Their vehicles use a lot of gas - when gas prices were low(er), it seemed like the SUV was the perfect expression of being a badass. It became synonymous with being well-grounded and tough, a big vehicle that could go off the beaten track with a moment's notice.

Then the luxury SUVs came out, which gave the class a whole new style. Sure, you could go off the beaten track, but you'd rather just take a drive up to the GAP and Starbucks.

AskMen realizes that SUVs have gone out of style, finally, and they lament the loss of this manly, big-engined beast.
They give 10 reasons to miss SUVs:

10. Resale - well, not anymore. With SUVs being abandoned in all the major cities, dealers are having a tough time selling used ones. Prepare to get less than you think it's worth. Who wants to pay that much in gas?

9. Safety - yes, they're safer, except when an inconsiderate asshole is behind the wheel. Is there an issue with SUVs rolling?

8. Space - yes, SUVs are roomy. More room for more stuff! Great! Buy more stuff! Woo hoo!

7. Conflict - this is exactly why I despise AskMen and the countless imitators, all trying to sell an image of what men should be like. The article says:

"SUVs are, among other things, a way to broadcast a screw-you attitude...You were sending a message, and if a few more dead dinosaurs got burned in the process, so be it."

So be it? That's unbelievably arrogant and self-centered. You bought yourself an image, prized the feeling of pissing off people who suggest that you should consume and pollute less - then you're forced to say bye-bye when you can't afford gas? Here's a screw-you attitude for you: walk, you chump.

That's it. I'm too disgusted to go on.

Oh, hell no... one more:

5. Attitude - this is just as asinine. Read what AskMen writes:

"the attitude aspect suggested a sense of adventure; like you were ready to drive up a mountain or yank a house off its foundation at any moment... Yup, you may never have gone off-road beyond the time you ventured into a gravel parking lot, but your ride certainly looked the part, which is what mattered most and is one of those things we'll miss about SUVs."

This is one of my biggest gripes with the North American mentality. You want to cultivate a certain attitude? Well, don't go camping or hiking - just buy a car that identifies you. Idiotic consumption for suckers.




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1. July 1st 2008 @ 03:35. Aimzster Says:
Hahahaha....tell us how you really feel, Cibb. I, for one, am glad to see such cars that are a waste of space, money and gas finally go out of style, but I still don't understand why I see more and more 4WDs on Sydney streets than ever before.
2. July 1st 2008 @ 03:41. Cibbuano Says:
Do you think there are more SUVs on the road? It seems to make even less sense in Sydney, where many neighborhoods have tiny, crowded streets!

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